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The vision can become an illusion if we are only chasing it

"The vision can become an illusion if we are only chasing it".

It needs a little context. I've always struggled to just allow myself to envision the dream I want to call life for real. But in the meantime I would often find myself focusing on an arrival, a final destination, chasing the quest itself. How many are we driven by the need to grasp a sense of "success" whatever it means to us?

The vision is needed. The dream that keeps us moving, and going, and hoping, and daring is needed. It is a beautiful gift to travel at speed of light into the future to catch a glimpse of a dream we brood on.

But let's not get lost in it. Because the path towards it is only revealed within the present moment. Breath after breath. Step after step.

Let's not be fooled by it. As hundreds maybe billions of other stories, and possibilities are sprouting like gems out of the ground every time we slow our race down to just listen. And feel. And look around, and (re)turn within.

The vision can become an illusion if we forget to loosen our hands, and minds, and bodies, and hearts so we can be open. Which means to be more spacious & receptive to savor the turns & changes. And so we can embrace the potent medicine that the winds have for us.

There is poetry in that.

May we call our sight back to what is already there. To the beautiful, mysterious unfolding path that is revealing itself to us.

I'll close with what is most alive within me now : "all you have to do is walk".

May we walk, simply. And be mesmerized by what we see.

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