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Morning Ritual Class

In french "reste" means "stay". This is what we practice. To stay + to find rest where we are, as we are, and cultivate présence within the moment. The Morning Ritual Classes offer an intimate space for you to nurture your nervous system + practice what it means to be human, supported by the Earth + the mood of her seasons. 

Every morning we are gifted with a new day, a new chance, new choices + possibilities to walk our life with intention. Without a fail, the sun rolls up in the sky to light our path, warm us, provide us with life & nutrients, and guide us while we walk towards the night. The business of everyday life, concerns & doubts make us forget. And so we join, together, to remember. 


Every Tuesday, we enter the deep portal of the East, to start our day with nourishment for the body & soul + connect in gratitude for the return of the Sun. We begin with a short conversation, followed by a practice of gentle movements, stretching, breathwork, sunrise meditation, rituals of intention, & poetry. The class works as an exploration & voyage to arrive fully into your body + to anchor yourself into your day, within your mind, body & heart. We meet in togetherness to practice how to hold space of self + each other in sacred reciprocity. 


The class focuses on a different theme each week, and takes place on zoom.

We meet every Tuesday morning at 9 am C.E.T 

for a 60 minutes class


If you cannot join live - or want to practice again - you'll receive a recording of the session that will remain only available for the next seven days

Live + Replay


Special 1:1 journeys

Sometimes a more intimate space is needed to start one's journey within to intimacy. Private classes, specific routines or 1:1 are available on demand. Contact me to start a conversation, and feel if we are to join hands for a walk.

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