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"In Latin in venire means 'to be brought to light', 'to emerge'. The original meaning of invention is a coming to a light of what is already there - it is both a discovery and a return. "

- Jean-Yves Leloup

a little share about me

clemence art of rituals about

Hello, I am Clémence - an intuitive writer, a poetic soul + (occasionally) a space holder.

I walk my path following the knowing from within. 

Writing is my passion, my art, my church. One of the way (yes, there's more) I experience being in conversation + relationship with life. I try to translate life's colors into words or art and let the silent burning voice that lives inside pours through me. While I speak from what I feel + experience, it is not just me. But a greater Love speaking through.

My deepest inspiration is to be found within the ordinary and nature. I love creating art, reading poetry, studying gospels & ancient sacred texts, the light of candles, smelling dried flowers burning, gardening, bathing in the ocean, the feeling of my skin covered with salt, sharing delicious food on summer nights (always, really), watching the moon, pink skies, walking my dog in "my" magical forest & flowers. God, I love flowers. The smell. The beauty. The wisdom. 

Art of Rituals is an intimate soulbook dedicated to praise the beauty of life in all its shapes and savors. Many chapters will be written here. You may already have seen it changes. I think it's a gift. To transform. To release. To grow. To return. To be more like a wave

I'm so happy you've found your way here. Let's walk a mile or two together !



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words & poetry  from my soul

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