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"Presence - for me - is an every moment form of art, a deep intention & a way of returning to a state of aliveness while being in meditation. "

« In Latin in venire means « to be brought to light », « to emerge ». The original meaning of invention is a coming to a light of what is already there - it is both a discovery and a return. »

— Jean-Yves Leloup

a little share about me

clemence art of rituals about

Hello beloved, I am Clémence - a writer, a nurturer, a poetic soul, a space holder + an herbalist in training. Above all, I am a human. 

I am trained in Holistic Healing, Womb Connection, and Women Circles Holding. I am an apprentice to folk + traditional herbalism learning from the Wise Women Tradition of Healing & Sacred Plant Medicine. I walk a path of search for meaning, sacredness and wisdom following the knowing within + the neo-shamanic tradition with my teacher Willem Hartmann. 

Writing is my passion, my art, my church, my medicine. My way of being in conversation + relationship with life. I translate the human experience into words, and let this silent burning voice that lives inside pours through me. While I speak from what I feel + experience, it is not only me. But the Love that cannot be seen, speaking through.


My deepest inspiration is to be found within the ordinary and nature. I love reading poetry, studying gospels & ancient sacred texts, the light of candles, smelling sage burning, bathing in the ocean, pink skies, raw landscapes & deep forests. I revere the feeling of my skin covered with salt, kissed by the warm breath of the sun, watching the moon & the stars, dreaming awake of the wonders of the Universe. I find deep meaning and gratitude in drinking my nourishing herbs, communing + learning from + making medicine with plants, breathing deeply, exhaling loudly, dancing, resting in silence. Presence - for me - is an every moment form of art, a deep intention & a way of returning to a state of aliveness while being in meditation. 

Art of Rituals is a very intimate, yet spacious sanctuary, that has been born from my direct experience of life + my deep love & commitment for the Earth. My path has been one of opening + returning to the altar of life through my own skin, nature, rituals + writing. The missing piece for me was to surrender to what is in the now + to return in direct & right-relationship to the Earth. What I've come to experience is that those 2 lines, when I'm willing to open myself to its wisdom, hold the relief & acceptation I've been searching my whole life. It is deep, ancient, and simple medicine. Yet it not easy for it is entangled into beliefs, fears, and strategies that keep up separate from life. It is a constant choice to make to return. The Earth teaches us that. How to compost + let the leaves fall as an offering to death & creation. How to be held, to listen, and to trust the silent growth that happens beyond what eyes can see. How to forgive, how to Love so generously + compassionately. How to breathe in-between worlds, planting seed of dreams, mothering it, harvesting it, sharing it. 


And so it is time to simply - yet intentionally - return home. Home to the Earth, home to our hands & bodies, home to our truth, hearts & spirits. Knowing that there is no end to this spiral-path. A constant arrival, layers after layers, breath after breath, renewing + reconnecting with the wonders + gift that is life itself. And so I am here now, slowly & consciously choosing to live a life of purpose, and sharing it. 

May my work be an offering to your path. An outstretched hand while you walk your own unique & sacred journey of being a human & a soul. An invitation to  breathe, rest, feel, see & live wholeheartedly.

With only deeper love, 



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