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Art Of Rituals

... is a digital sanctuary for poetic souls, and lovers of life. Here we explore what it means to be human on this majestic blue planet of ours. We travel our inner landscapes through art, words, heart to heart conversations & poetry. It is a place for feeling, sharing, dreaming, being. Please enter with gentle curiosity, and the will to let your heart blossoms.

From human rollercoasters, to soul words, poetic & creative expressions, flowers, garden & more, I'll share bites of life as I feel and experience it. Expect twist and turns along the path as it is ever evolving, transforming, re-shaping (just like you!). Embrace change as an ally as we walk some miles together.


I hope this space to be a refuge where you can rest, be inspired, reflect, and create. Please share with me your thoughts, sparkles, and anything you feel called to through notes, emails, homing pigeon or else ! Being together is always more fun.

Bienvenue !

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